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Women in Construction Week 2019

Women in Construction Week 2019

The beginning of March recognizes and celebrates Women in Construction Week. This exciting week signifies the growing role women play in our industry. Findorff is incredibly proud of its strong female staff and wants to recognize several women from both on and off the jobsite.

  • Kallie Anderson: “As a Project Manager, I enjoy how my job is different every day, from creating schedules to coordinating trades onsite with my team that is second to none. I am proud to have a role in teaching Findorff’s younger staff. I love watching them learn.” Outside of work, Kallie is an active member of the American Concrete Institute and an alumni of Leadership AGC. She has also been involved with Special Olympics, Salvation Army, and Rebuilding Greater Milwaukee. Her advice to women in the industry is to do the hard work, keep your nose to the grind, and always do the right thing.
  • Carin Benz: As Findorff’s Yard Operations Specialist, Carin is responsible for managing the transfer of equipment and tools from the Yard to Findorff’s various project sites. “I enjoy getting to work not only with my team at the yard, but also the project management staff, and those in the field. Our Yard team is led by a woman, and I feel very lucky to work with her. As a woman in construction, I encourage others to be passionate about their life goals. We are all here to provide leadership, integrity, organization, and professionalism.” Her favorite part about working in construction is witnessing the constant evolution of tools and practices that make the industry a safer and more efficient place to work.
  • Jane Braatz: Jane is Findorff’s Controller/Director of Accounting. While she’s as passionate about excellent craftsmanship as those in the field, she measures a project’s success differently. “My role is more focused on assisting the project management team with financial matters including risk mitigation, cost analysis, and accounts receivable. I love seeing a project built by Findorff. The craftsmanship is outstanding! Knowing that I helped with the financial side of a project, I feel as though I was a part of the team.” Jane is the current Madison Chapter President of the Construction Financial Management Association. This offers the chance to mentor those eager to learn about the industry, just as other leaders have done for her.
  • Moeko Komoda: Having started as an intern for Findorff, Moeko has been growing in her role ever since. Now a Project Engineer, she works on material procurement, scheduling, budgeting, as well as coordination efforts with field and design teams. She recently passed her Professional Engineering exam, plus is studying for her LEED® Green Associate accreditation and is part of Findorff’s Supervisory Training Program. “As a woman in construction, it means pursuing my interests and challenging myself. I am very proud of every project that I have worked on and am continually amazed by the craftsmanship that goes into construction.” Moeko’s advice to others like her is to own what you don’t know, but also be confident in what you do know and the skills and perspectives you have to offer.
  • Lynn Leitner: As a Journeyman Carpenter, Lynn’s work is her passion. However, her career in construction didn’t start right away. She was originally trained and worked as a veterinary technician. Growing up she didn’t realize a career as a female carpenter was possible. Nevertheless, from a young age Lynn loved to create and build things, especially alongside her father who was an electrician. Though it was tough to switch careers, Lynn knew within days of starting her new profession she made the right choice. “Being a carpenter is an opportunity to work with my head, heart, and hands.” She performs a variety of tasks from installing blocking to constructing temporary structures. Lynn is also the Recording Secretary for the Carpenter’s Union 314 and a delegate of the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters. “My advice for women in construction is to not let challenges of being a female in a male-dominated industry be a roadblock, but rather a hurdle to strengthen yourself for the journey.”
  • Crystal White: Being a Laborer for Findorff’s yard operations offers great opportunities every day for Crystal. “I currently specialize in PERI formwork systems inventory and serve as a back-up driver for yard deliveries. I enjoy being in a non-traditional job and taking the path less traveled.” Crystal’s advice for women looking to pursue a career in construction is to get into the industry at an early age and stick with it. Embrace the challenge!
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