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Companies Don’t Build. People Build.

Findorff’s construction efforts throughout Madison continued to shape the area surrounding the Capitol Square. The Company served as the largest contractor for structural work on the $12 million First Wisconsin Bank building, which opened in 1974. Today it is known as the Glass Bank and its construction value would have been worth over $64 million. Findorff also maintained its relationship with Anchor Savings and Loan, constructing an addition to its downtown headquarters as well as several local branches.

As the decade came to a close, the Company continued to grow its portfolio and proudly recognize its employees’ hard work. As such, Findorff ultimately adopted quite the fitting motto: Companies don’t build. People build. A new generation in the Company’s leadership quickly hit stride as Gerd Zoller was elected John Findorff’s successor as President in 1979. Confident in Findorff’s new leadership, John realized the Company’s ownership was the next matter of business. After much consideration, the Findorff family decided it was in the Company’s best interest to be sold. Three long-time employees Curt Hastings, Ken Kruska, and Gerd Zoller then took the reins to progressively propel Findorff into the next decade to pursue a new era of success.

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