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At Findorff, safety isn’t just a phase in a project or an item on a checklist. We are committed to creating a positive culture for our employees and clients where safety is proactively planned. It is at the heart of each decision we make. It’s how we do business.


Findorff is committed to creating a positive culture for our employees and clients. Safety is at the core of everything we do. Our goal is to progressively enhance construction practices that continue to position Findorff as the safest contractor in the Midwest.

Findorff’s current Experience Modification Rating (EMR) is .80. Compared to the industry average of 1.0, this means our job sites are generally 20% safer than others in the industry.  Our four-year average safety rating of .72 shows that safety is a chief concern, and one we continue to follow with consistency.

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Nick Femal Safety Director

I have seen the band Widespread Panic over 250 times in 33 states, Washington DC, Canada, and the Dominican Republic.

Our job is to create a strong safety culture and belief system for all Findorff employees to arm them with the tools and behaviors necessary to perform their tasks safely each and every day.

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