We believe a true measure of success for every project we build is determined by how well the building systems perform when occupied.

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More so than any other feature, the building systems play an important and long lasting role in how a facility is utilized over its lifetime. From occupant comfort to building performance, effective mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are vital to a building’s success. At Findorff, we understand this significance, and we know the importance of ensuring these systems perform accurately from day one of occupancy.

To ensure performance at the end of a project, Findorff’s internal commissioning process starts during the preconstruction phase. From specification and submittal reviews to field quality checklists, test verification and owner training, the commissioning effort is fully integrated into all phases leading up to the turnover. After turnover, Findorff follows through with warranty reviews as well as completion of remedial work during the first full year of operation. This allows us to verify system compliance with project requirements set forth by the Owner and the Designer throughout each phase.

While our internal process verifies contractual compliance, we know commissioning requirements may vary significantly from project to project, such as requiring a detailed design review or development of functional performance tests. In each case, Findorff will work directly with owners early in the process to develop a commissioning plan that defines responsibilities, outlines requirements, and establishes criteria for success at each stage of the process.

At Findorff, we see commissioning as an investment in quality assurance. It is a proven way to save construction time and money, all while producing a comfortable, high-performing building for years to come.