Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is about much more than creating a 3D building model. This technology allows us to provide more comprehensive cost analysis…

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Benefits of BIM technology:

  • Facilitates accurate budgeting and scheduling
  • Improves total project cost understanding
  • Improves drawing coordination
  • Allows for scenario testing before construction, including reviewing various sequencing options, site logistics, hoisting alternatives, etc.
  • Eliminates conflicts before they occur (i.e. ductwork running into structural elements, MEP Coordination)
  • Links scheduling software and field survey devices to 3D models
  • Reduces need for RFIs and change orders

Play Video Constructability Review & Analysis

Constructability Review & Analysis

Findorff provides constructability reviews during the early planning stages of a project to ensure that the proposed systems and details are reasonable to construct. This service can eliminate issues with systems and details that can arise later in the construction process or even well into the operations of the completed building.

Play Video Fabrication Drawings

Fabrication Drawings

Findorff provides a wide variety of fabrication drawings for everything from concrete and masonry lift drawings to detailed embed plans and even hanger layout locations. These tools improve efficiency and productivity in the field, and when implemented, are a cost savings your project.

Play Video Schedule Analysis

Schedule Analysis

All contractors create a project schedule, but not all project schedules are created equally. Findorff develops comprehensive project schedules that eliminates the guesswork and allow you and your project team to accurately visualize your construction schedule utilizing 3D modeling.

Play Video Site Utilization

Site Utilization

Site utilization saves money on a project by analyzing equipment locations and movement, material handling, and even access analysis. In the 3D modeling world this can provide excellent visualization for everyone on the team, and help to create project team “buy in.”

Play Video Systems Coordination

Systems Coordination

One of the earliest implementations of BIM technology was the clash detection of MEP systems. For both labor and material, the coordination of systems conflicts and installation sequence issues prior to the start of construction has proven to be of immense value. Findorff will assist your team with developing coordination processes and systems, modeling, and facilitating systems coordination meetings on your project.

Play Video Virtual Mock-Ups

Virtual Mock-Ups

Findorff can save time and money by replacing the need for field mock-ups with virtual mock-ups. These mock-ups show every aspect of a project from the flashing to the brick ties and wall systems. In addition, the virtual mock-ups can be displayed and used in the field to review the construction installation sequence and to look for conflicts long before the actual installation.