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Whether you are exploring constructing a new facility or adding on to an existing one, Findorff Strategic Insights can walk you through the process.

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Whether you are exploring the idea of a new facility or considering renovations or additions to an existing one, Findorff Strategic Insights can help you understand the process and assist you in assessing the cost-benefit of your different options.

We know the value of great people and the importance of continued innovation in methods, processes and services. We also know that the buildings we build – while important and intricate – are not strategies in themselves. Our projects are a means to help clients advance, innovate and improve their performance and productivity. With that in mind, it is our view that a successful construction project is built on time, on budget and on purpose!

Your consideration of facilities options really aren’t about the building. You want to do more, grow your efficiency, improve your environment, and/or enhance the experience of people who use your space. Findorff Strategic Insights can walk you through the maze of strategic issues, vision drivers and operational value considerations to help translate key needs into a comprehensive plan that meets your objectives before you commit your time and financial investment.

We translate strategies into opportunities through strategic prioritization, functional purpose assessment, solution development, cost-modeling and estimating, and project approach development. We provide experienced-based facilitation that helps link goals to potential projects and provide credibility and objectivity to the discovery process to help you take your vision to reality.

The majority of Findorff Strategic Insights work supports capital facility projects and master planning efforts. We bring alignment of the “why” of an effort to the expected results. Our experience and processes help clients anticipate – and then avoid – pitfalls, thereby better achieving realistic results with a meaningful and manageable impact on operations.

Core Services:

  • Facility Project Readiness Assessment
  • Facility Value Analysis
  • Facility Options Value Matrix™ Assessment
  • Strategic Master Planning
  • Strategic Project Alignment – Defining & Linking Purpose
  • Facility Activation Planning and Implementation


  • Link project purposes and priorities with potential pitfalls
  • Define a plan to achieve success
  • Identify essential communication and messaging strategies
  • Connect transition and activation steps with project priorities to achieve project value
  • Translate priorities and purposes into measurable goals and objectives
  • Provide a project map that keeps metrics at the forefront of decisions
  • Link key milestones to deliverables, and provide effective implementation plans and sound communication structure



Strategic Insights Senior Advisor

Tim has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, operational leadership, project facilitation and facility project management. Tim provides project leadership and alignment facilitation that links the “why, what and how” of a project with the value proposition. For more information, please contact Tim Prince, Strategic Insights Senior Advisor, or 608.257.5321.