Wisconsin Probation/Parole Facility

Milwaukee, WI

Constructed by Findorff on a tight, 1.7-acre urban site, the Wisconsin Probation and Parole Facility houses 800 probation/parole violators, and provides space for another 210 inmates needing alcohol and other substance abuse treatment.

This project’s design/build contract with Findorff allowed the project to be completed with an aggressive 24-month construction schedule. A 350-car parking ramp, also built by Findorff, is adjacent to the facility and provides much-needed parking for staff and corrections officials.

In 2002 the project was granted the State of Wisconsin’s highest honor with an “Excellence in Construction” award given by the Department of Administration – Division of Facilities Development. Factors involved in deciding the award were excellence of the finished project, safety record of the contractor, cooperation with the architect, engineers, and subcontractors, adherence to schedule, and value engineering efforts.

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Government & Municipal

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New Construction

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Durrant Architects

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DSF Excellence in Construction Award