Research Products Office Renovation

Madison, WI

In order to take advantage of efficiencies needed in Research Products’ shipping and receiving area, a 10,000-square-foot office renovation took place. Space was created to relocate and reorganize its lab and testing facility, which in turn created more space to expand its office.

The project’s first phase involved renovating the 5,300-square-foot shipping area into new lab space. This included a model shop, electronics lab, mezzanine, as well as testing areas. The second phase was actually split into two subphases. The first part involved the construction of eight new offices and shower rooms, as well as a new lunch room and bike storage. The next subphase involved building the facility’s lobby, exterior vestibule, open and closed offices, restrooms, storages areas, as well as a large conference room. Additional construction efforts required replacing part of the building’s exterior facade with metal siding to increase its property value.

Creating a sustainable building was also part of the project’s scope. To support this undertaking, touchless bathroom fixtures, recycled cement board siding, interior bike storage, and LED fixtures were part of the renovation’s design.

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Additions and Remodels

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Shulfer Architects, LLC

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2017 In Business Commercial Design Award – Best Office Renovation