ProHealth Care Courtyard Landscape Improvements

Waukesha, WI

In the summer of 2013, ProHealth Care embarked on a campus improvement project. Partially funded by a generous gift from the Waukesha Service Club, the new courtyard project involved renovation work to improve the outdoor environment and bring in a bright and inviting focal point where patients, families, staff and visitors can seek peace and relaxation.

Construction began with the demolition of the existing concrete courtyard and incorporated a new stamped concrete patio with a wood board pattern. Additionally, ProHealth Care partnered with the vibrant local arts community and created an impactful serene centerpiece for the new courtyard. A 20-foot round mosaic art piece was designed and constructed by a local artist. This art piece was chosen to complete the harmonized look and feel of the new central courtyard and provided a more natural fit to the hospital’s healing environment.

With the courtyard being encased on three sides by the hospital’s new café, a 300-seat dining area, communication and collaboration with both the project team and the hospital staff was key to this project’s success. Additionally, the project team had to incorporate a dedicated egress path for the hospital during the courtyard’s construction. The project team built temporary bridges and pathways so that proper exiting could be maintained, while the construction continued on schedule.


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Additions and Remodels

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Eppstein Uhen Architects

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2013 WMA Excellence in Hardscape Award