L’Etoile Restaurant

Madison, WI

Findorff was selected to build out space in the US Bank Plaza for one of the Midwest’s finest restaurants. Designed by Chicago’s Valerio Dewalt Train, the new space home to L’Etoile, a Madison culinary landmark since 1976.

The interior design and construction of this upscale restaurant was inspirecd by local agricultural elements. An earthy color palatte and use of natural materials such as clear finished hickory wood and slate flooring are featured throughout.

The restaurant’s focal point is the facing on L’etoile’s circular bar which was constructed from salvaged clay tiles from a local farmer’s abandoned silo. The overall space is organized in a linear fashion, focused toward an exceptional view of the State Capitol. A series of architectural elements, including a banquette, rounded bar and monumental stairs help define the different dining areas.


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Retail & Recreation

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Additions and Remodels
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Valerio Dewalt Train