Jones Island Turbine Replacement

Milwaukee, WI

Findorff repaired and replaced elements of the Jones Island Turbine. This high profile project includes a new 21,331 square foot structure and mechanical systems to accommodate three new gas turbines. These improvements enable the District to continue production of its 84-year-old Milorganite® fertilizer product, utilizing landfill gas for biosolids drying at significant savings over existing natural gas facilities.  

This project provided five turbine systems in an expanded facility that accommodated three of the new turbine systems and all ancillary facilities in a configuration that allowed the existing turbines, compressors, and electrical equipment to fully function while under construction.

Additional features of this project include, thick concrete mat foundation and fully reinforced CMU and brick/stone exterior façade. In total, the single story structure reaches to a height of nearly 55’ with a rooftop mechanical penthouse. Select finishes including acoustical metal wall panels and rubber flooring are utilized to absorb sound and vibrations resulting from the operation of the equipment.


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