At Findorff, safety isn’t just a phase in a project or an item on a checklist. Safety is at the heart of each decision we make. It’s how we do business.

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Our onsite staff is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety in a construction environment, and the proof is in the numbers. Findorff’s five-year average safety experience modification factor is .58. Compare that to the industry average of 1.0, and you’ll see our job sites are more than 40% safer than the national average.

This exemplary level of project safety didn’t just transpire overnight. Findorff has spent years cultivating and perfecting a comprehensive safety program, which includes extensive pre-planning, education and training. A prime example of our safe-building legacy dates back to 1954, when we began using hardhats 17 years before the OSHA requirement.

Findorff consistently works to improve our safety program through innovative equipment, custom training and self-analysis. We are proud to make safety the top priority for the good of our workers, clients and the general public.