Findorff Enginuity

Findorff consistently looks to improve construction processes by embracing advanced technologies, innovative products and project planning, as well as techniques that positively impact project schedules, quality, safety, and costs.

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As an industry leader, we’re committed to remaining competitive by always thinking, planning and developing new, and better technologies, and moving project ideas to market faster with shared incentives.

We’ve given this process a name because we wanted to be able to share our advances in innovation and technology with our clients and each other. Findorff Enginuity isn’t really what we do, it’s how we do things. From our field work of applying technology tools in new ways that continuously advance our prefabrication methods, to project management that meets our clients’ evolving needs, we seek every day to Engineer Innovation and Opportunity.

Examples include:

  • Planned Production Facility
  • Pre-Fabrication
  • Project Planning & Management Software
  • Use of Robotics
  • Virtual Construction
  • Unique Partnerships & Collaborative Approaches