At Findorff, character comes before all else. This strong sense of pride shines through in everything we do, from small facility repairs to multi-phased building projects.


With over 125 years of time-tested experience, we have consistently shown integrity and earned tremendous credibility in our field. Our clients trust us, and with good reason.

It’s not only the character of Findorff as a company that makes us successful, but also the character of each member of our talented staff. We continue to bring together some of the greatest minds in our industry, repeatedly proving our construction expertise in both construction and professionalism.

Our strong sense of character is also exemplified by our passion for innovation and cutting edge technology. Our commitment to craftsmanship means that we strive to do our best work for every assignment. Project by project, we’ve earned our reputation for quality and dependability.



From our very first cabinetry project in 1890 to our most recent work, Findorff continuously evolves. With each passing decade, we put innovation at the forefront of our work. Check out our timeline.


At Findorff, we recognize that companies don’t build, people do. This understanding drives us to hire the best and brightest employees, many of whom have been with us for more than 25 years.